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Painless Disease

Numerous people suffer from dental problems but they won’t see a dentist until it becomes a serious issue like a paralyzing toothache, or, initial stages of oral cancer.

Oral Health

Oral health plays an important part in one's overall well-being. Lack of good oral health affects functions like eating, swallowing and smiling and self confidence.


Children are the future and it has been found out that seven out of ten children have dental cavities. For a better future in oral health, children need to be taught the importance of oral health from the beginning.

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Our teeth are divided into 3 parts – outer enamel, middle dentine, and inner pulp.Read More

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If the decay reaches, or is very close to the pulp (inner layer), the tooth can be Read More

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Once a tooth undergoes RCT, it becomes brittle and has a very high Read More

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Dental Laminates / Veneers are almost the same as a dental crown but only Read More

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Scaling is the professional cleaning of teeth and gums by ultrasonic scalers.Read More

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All kinds of dental extractions are performed at our clinic. Some teethRead More

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