Good health is necessary for a person to function optimally

Good health is necessary for a person to function optimally. Oral health is also an important part of fitness. Various daily actions get affected if a person’s oral health is less than perfect. Functions like eating, swallowing and smiling can suffer leading to a decrease in the person’s ability for satisfactory social interaction.

However, this aspect of health remains largely ignored. There is a huge lack of awareness in our country when it comes to dentistry and its ailments. Numerous people suffer from dental problems but they won’t see a dentist until it becomes a serious issue like a paralyzing toothache, or, something more serious like the initial stages of oral cancer.

Children form a major part of society and it has been found out that seven out of ten children have dental cavities. For a better future in oral health, children need to be taught the importance of oral health from the beginning. The sooner they learn, the better it is for the society.

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