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Restorations (Fillings)

Our teeth are divided into 3 parts – outer enamel, middle dentine, and inner pulp. If the decay is restricted to the first and second layer, tooth can be saved by excavating the caries and filling the tooth with various tooth colored filling materials. All restorations done in our clinic resemble the color of our teeth hence it is near to impossible to say where the margin of the restoration ends and the tooth starts.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

If the decay reaches, or is very close to the pulp (inner layer), the tooth can be saved only by Root Canal Treatment. In RCT, we make an opening from top of the tooth and expose it’s roots (Access Opening). We then proceed to cleaning the roots with our instruments and special medication for root canals and taking out the infected pulp (cause of pain) (Cleaning & Shaping). Once we are satisfied with this step, only then we move on to the next step (Obturation) where we fill the roots with rubber cones called as Gutta Percha Points. Once this is done, the tooth is restored by a restorative material. Whether an RCT treated tooth requires a crown or not, can be confirmed only after the treatment is over by the dentist.

Crowns & Bridges

Once a tooth undergoes RCT, it becomes brittle and has a very high chance of breaking under pressure during eating or talking. Hence, it is important to give a crown after RCT. The tooth in question is reduced by 1.5 – 2 mm from all sides and a dental impression is taken of the tooth. The impression is then sent to a dental lab and depending on whether the lab is local or outstation, it can take from 3 days to a week to get the final crown.

CAD-CAM technology has entered dentistry and these days most good labs provide CAD-CAM crowns only. They are much more precise and last longer than regular crowns. Definitely a better value for money.

There are broadly two classifications of crowns – Metal, And Metal-Free. Both have their specific indications (application).

Dental Laminates / Veneers

Dental Laminates / Veneers are almost the same as a dental crown but only cover the front of the teeth. They are mainly used in cosmetic dentistry where people want to change the way their teeth look. They require minimal preparation and thereby minimal damage to the teeth. They have a very high aesthetic appeal.

Scaling & Polishing

Scaling is the professional cleaning of teeth and gums by ultrasonic scalers. Plaque and calculus deposition is extremely common in India owing to poor oral hygiene awareness and lack of care. Plaque is a soft mass of bacteria that forms naturally and is unavoidable. But if oral hygiene is maintained properly, it does not stay for long. If not, it progresses to form calculus on calcification. Calculus is a hard mass unlike plaque which is soft. If that is left untreated, it can lead to gum infection, bleeding, gum loss, bone loss and ultimately loss of teeth. Majority of our elderly who are toothless, are because of this disease. The only way to stop it, is to come to us for professional scaling.
Polishing is done by a dental polishing paste which makes your teeth look shinier and healthier.


All kinds of dental extractions are performed at our clinic. Some teeth are simple to extract and some teeth are more complicated as they are stuck in the bone (Impacted teeth). We treat all kinds of problems in the most painless manner possible. All procedures are done under anesthesia and extra care is given to patient comfort and easing of anxiety.

Space Closure

It is very common for people to have spaces between their teeth. This makes them feel self conscious. There are various ways to close the spaces -
Bridge - The teeth are prepared and a bridge is placed which is bigger than the original tooth thereby closing the space. This procedure is commonly opted for when the patient has a time constraint as it shows results within a week.
Orthodontic treatment - Teeth can be made to come closer to each other but this takes a considerably longer time. Up to a few months.
Composite build up - Composite is a tooth colored filling material (restoration). It is a highly aesthetic material and a skilful dentist can build it in the gap and close it. It is not indicated in a few cases, which only a clinical checkup can reveal.

Unbreakable Dentures

When people don't take care of their gums or don't get a decayed tooth treated, it often leads to loss of a tooth. Even though we have a set of 32 teeth, each tooth has a specific role in our mouth. Loss of even a single tooth is a great loss and one should think of replacing it asap.
One of the earliest forms of replacing missing teeth has been dentures. They are broadly of two kinds - Partial Denture (RPD) and Complete Denture (CD). We specialise in both. Our dentures are smooth, flexible, immensely comfortable and don't stain with food and drinks!

Orthodontic treatments (Braces)

The smile is the most magnificent feature of a person's personality. For a pleasant smile, well aligned teeth are very important. But unfortunately, nobody has perfect teeth! We all have major or minor problems with teeth alignment. To correct the alignment of teeth, the most common procedure is getting braces. Incorrect alignment also causes a lot of other problems like plaque accumulation, posture problems, etc.

Clear Aligners (Invisible Braces)

Clear aligners are the latest technological advancement in the field of orthodontics. Aligners are thin transparent covers for all teeth and have to be worn 15-20 hours a day for them to work properly. They work by making small movements in the alignment one by one. The entire treatment is planned by orthodontists using the most advanced planning software along with using 3D printing technology. They completely eliminate treatment with braces. They are more convenient to wear, painless and most important, completely invisible to others.

Implants (Guided Surgery)

Implants are the newest, most durable and long term method of replacing lost teeth. Implants are made of Titanium metal which is the only known metal accepted by our body as its own. Our body adversely reacts to any other foreign matter which enters our body except Titanium (same reason Titanium stents are used in medical surgeries too). A dental implant serves as the root of the artificial tooth, and a regular crown is put over it. Implant surgery can be major or minor depending on various clinical conditions of the patient. These days implant surgeries are very common owing to a large number of people having missing teeth as well as the standard of living having become better.
Guided Implant surgery is implant surgery with a surgical stent that eliminates human error from the surgery. A surgical stent is designed digitally using the patient's CBCT scan and digital impression followed by a virtual surgery in the software. It enhances the accuracy and patient comfort manifold.

Digital Smile Designing

One's smile is his /her most magnificent feature. For public figures or people having a job profile that requires them to meet new people often, it is important for them to have a pleasing personality and a pleasing smile. Although braces do a wonderful job aligning the teeth correctly, sometimes it isn't enough. Have you noticed some people have a striking smile and some don't, even though all their teeth are in line? Well, some people go a little extra for that glowing smile. Digital Smile Design (commonly known as DSD) is a system that analyses all your facial features (eyes, nose, ears, cheekbones, lips etc) and your intra oral features (teeth, their size, position, gum position etc) to design a smile that fits your face perfectly. The reason behind this system's success is the digital precision and the fact that the smile has been customized especially for you. So if you want a dazzling smile like celebrities around the world, then DSD is what you're looking for!